Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

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Advice 38-2007 (PDF) self-control guide for transport and storage of products in the food chain. Food
Advice 37-2007 (PDF) self-control guide of the animal feed sector. Animal
Advice 36-2007 (PDF) self-control guide on trade in cereals and agrosupply. Food
Advice 35-2007 (PDF) Emerging chemical risks - emerging mycotoxins. Food
Advice 34-2007 (PDF) Self-control guide for bakery products. Food
Advice 33-2007 (PDF) Frequency of inspections. Various
Advice 32-2007 (PDF) Draft royal decree on measures to prevent the introduction and the spread of fireblight (Erwinia amylovora). Various
Advice 31-2007 (PDF) Exposure of the Belgian consumer to pesticide residues via the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Food
Advice 30-2007 (PDF) The sector guide on the production of organic fertilizers. Various
Advice 29-2007 (PDF) The control of bovine viral diarrhea. Animal
Advice 28-2007 (PDF) Project of royal decree aiming to add two infectious diseases on the list of redhibiotory defects: equine infectious anaemia and paratuberculosis. Various
Advice 27-2007 (PDF) Action limits of microbiological contaminants; more specific Vibrio cholerae, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, toxins of Staphylococcus aureus and toxins of Bacillus cereus. Various
Advice 26-2007 (PDF) The self-control guide for coffee roosters. Food
Advice 25-2007 (PDF) The inventory of actions and action limits in regard to chemical contaminants, residues and additives. Various
Advice 24-2007 (PDF) The self-control guide for good apiculture practices. Animal
Advice 23-2007 (PDF) The addenda of the self-control guide related to meat products, prepared meals, salads and natural bowels. Food
Advice 22-2007 (PDF) The presence of malachite green and leucomalachite green in farmed fish. Animal
Advice 21-2007 (PDF) The reduction of dioxin and PCB concentrations in contaminated cattle. Animal
Advice 20-2007 (PDF) Possible sources of contamination with dioxins and PCB's of cattle farms in Stabroek and Hoevenen. Animal
Advice 19-2007 (PDF) Action limits for microbial contaminants. Various
Advice 18-2007 (PDF) The declaration of food chain information by pig holders to the slaughterhouse. Various
Advice 16-2007 (PDF) The self-control guide for contractors of agri- and horticulture work and for the primary vegetable production sector. Various
Advice 15-2007 (PDF) The self-control guide in the production and distribution sector of mineral fertilisers for professional use in agri-and horticulture. Various
Advice 14-2007 (PDF) Project of royal decree concerning the protection of production animals during transportation and on the conditions for authorisation or recognition of transporters, traders, control posts and collection centers. Animal
Advice 13-2007 (PDF) Project of royal decree concerning the introduction on the market and use of fertilisers, soil improving products and crop substrates. Various
Advice 12-2007 (PDF) The self-control guide of the sector of industrial catering and rest and care homes. Various
Advice 11-2007 (PDF) The self-control guide of the primary animal production sector. Animal
Advice 10-2007 (PDF) The food safety risk related to the contamination of head meat by tissue of the central nervous system of cattle. Animal
Advice 09-2007 (PDF) The medical attestation of persons involved in the production, the processing and the use of foodstuffs. Food
Advice 08-2007 (PDF) Project of royal decree modifying the royal decree of January 16th, 2006 assigning specific rules for the recognition, authorisation and preliminary registration delivered by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food chain. Various
Advice 07-2007 (PDF) The odds that Bluetongue (BT) re-emerges in the spring of 2007, the evaluation of proposals for measures to prevent and to suppress BT, in particular by vaccination, and the surveillance level of wildlife. Animal
Advice 06-2007 (PDF) The revision of the eradication policy of transmittable spongiform encephalopathies (OSE, TSE) in small ruminants within the framework of the TSE Road Map. Animal
Advice 05-2007 (PDF) The control of Bluetongue by the use of insecticides. Animal
Advice 04-2007 (PDF) Project of royal decree modifying the royal decree of Novembre 14th, 2003 concerning self-control, notification duty and traceability in the food chain. Food
Advice 03-2007 (PDF) The risks of the different scenario's aimed at reducing the intensity of the active surveillance program for the control of BSE. Animal
Advice 02-2007 (PDF) The self-control guide for the introduction of a self-control system in the food supplement sector. Food
Advice 01-2007 (PDF) Project of royal decree modifying the royal decree of February 21st, 2006 concerning the determination of the conditions for recognition and authorisation of animal feed companies. Animal
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