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Advice 35-2010 (PDF) Risk assessment of Listeria monocytogenes in smoked salmon (self tasking initiative)(dossier Sci Com 2005/79) Food
Advice 34-2010 (PDF) Project of royal decree in regard to the conditions for slaughterhouse personnel assisted inspection in poultry slaughterhouses (dossier Sci Com 2010/27) Animal
Advice 33-2010 (PDF) Project of royal decree modifying the royal decree of 22th November 2006 regarding the control of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (dossier Sci Com 2010/23) Animal
Advice 32-2010 (PDF) Action level for the hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) content of feed for honey bees (dossier Sci Com 2010/21) Animal
Advice 31-2010 (PDF) Scientific evaluation of the ‘Guide for the implementation of a self-checking system in the wholesale business of foods’ (dossier Sci Com 2010/20) Food
Advice 30-2010 (PDF) Project of royal decree amending the royal decree of 9 March 1953 concerning the trade of fresh meat and regulating the expertise of slaughtered animals within the country and the Royal Decree of 22 December 2005 laying down additional measures for the organization of official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption (dossier Sci Com 2010/26) Animal
Advice 29-2010 (PDF) Indications for the food related transfer of antibiotic resistance from animals to humans: study of resistance profiles and phage types of Salmonella Typhimurium from pigs and poultry, pork and broiler meat and humans (dossier Sci Com 2007/08) Animal
Advice 28-2010 (PDF)
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Development of a barometer of the safety of the food chain: methodology and case study: 'food safety barometer' (dossier Sci Com 2009/09) Food
Advice 27-2010 (PDF) Project of royal decree concerning the sampling in the food chain (dossier Sci Com 2010/18) Various
Advice 26-2010 (PDF) Royal decree to repeal the decree of the Regent of 29 march 1946 concerning mange in solidungulates and cattle (dossier Sci Com 2010/14) Animal
Advice 25-2010 (PDF) Surveillance, prevention and control of Coxiella burnetii in cattle (dossier Sci Com 2010/12) Animal
Advice 24-2010 (PDF) The evaluation of a program for surveillance, prevention and control of Coxiella burnetii in small ruminants (dossier Sci Com 2010/11) Animal
Advice 23-2010 (PDF) The use of well water by a yeast producting company (dossier Sci Com 2009/29) Food
Advice 22-2010 (PDF) The projects of royal decree to control viral encephalitis and infectious anaemia in equids (dossier Sci Com 2010/13) Animal
Advice 21-2010 (PDF) Analysis program and the attribution of scores for the importance of the microbiological quality and hygiene indicators for the control of food safety systems (dossier Sci Com 2010/17) Various
Advice 20-2010 (PDF) The communication with the practicing veterinarians about emerging animal diseases (dossier Sci Com 2007/13 bis) Animal
Advice 19-2010 (PDF) The declaration of food chain information to the slaughterhouse by the rabbit breeders (dossier Sci Com 2010/10) Animal
Advice 18-2010 (PDF) The re-examination of the self-control guide for the fish sector (dossier Sci Com 2010/06 -G-032) Food
Advice 17-2010 (PDF) The analysis program of the FASFC (dossier Sci Com 2010/04) Food
Advice 16-2010 (PDF) The BELGAPOM sectorial sampling plan (dossier Sci Com 2010/01) Food
Advice 15-2010 (PDF) Regarding the presence of heavy metals and uranium in well water (dossier Sci Com 2010/02) Food
Advice 14-2010 (PDF) The analysis program of the FASFC: re-evaluation of the scores attributed to the severity of chemical hazards related to food safety, animal and vegetal production (dossier Sci Com 2009/36B) Various
Advice 13-2010 (PDF) The analysis program of the FASFC: re-evaluation of the scores attributed to the severity of microbiological hazards related to food safety, animal and vegetal production (dossier Sci Com 2009/36A) Various
Advice 12-2010 (PDF) A project of royal decree concerning the control of Aujeszky disease (dossier Sci Com 2009/34) Animal
Advice 11-2010 (PDF) Alternative procedures for the analysis of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus (Cms) and Ralstonia solanacearum (Raso) (dossier Sci Com 2009/31) Vegetal
Advice 10-2010 (PDF) The new surveillance policy of animal diseases – partim poultry and horses (dossier Sci Com 2009/25ter) Animal
Advice 09-2010 (PDF) Carcinogenic and/or genotoxic risks in food: process contaminants (dossier Sci Com 2007/09bis) Food
Rapid Advice 08-2010 (PDF) The arguments set forward by a professional sector on the control measures for Q-fever (dossier Sci Com 2010/05) Animal
Advice 07-2010 (PDF) A project of Royal decree modifying the Royal decree of august 10th, 1998 concerning certain prescriptions for the health qualification of poultry (dossier Sci Com 2009/35) Animal
Advice 06-2010 (PDF) The assessment of methods to put poultry and birds to death, a mesure to be applied in the case of the official control of avian influenza (dossier Sci Com 2009/33) Animal
Advice 05-2010 (PDF) The new surveillance policy of animal diseases – part cattle (other matrixes), small ruminants and pigs (dossier Sci Com 2009/25bis) Animal
Advice 04-2010 (PDF) The self-control guide for the plant primary production sector (dossier Sci Com 2009/16) Vegetal
Advice 03-2010 (PDF) The self-control guide for the sector of the production, the trade, the importation and the transport of organic growing media (dossier SCi Com 2009/32) Vegetal
Advice 02-2010 (PDF) Exposure assessment of the Belgian population to pesticide residues through the consumption of fruit and vegetables: year 2008 (dosssier Sci Com 2009/04) Food
Urgent advice 01-2010 (PDF) Recommendations concerning Q fever in small ruminants in Belgium (dossier Sci Com 2009/37) Animal
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