Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

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Advice 22-2011 (PDF) The recognition of laboratories (dossier Sci Com 2011/22) Various
Advice 21-2011 (PDF) The evaluation of the self-checking guide for the food safety in collective host community of early childhood (dossier Sci Com 2011/20) Food
Advice 20-2011 (PDF) Poject of royal decree modifying the royal decree of 16 January 2006 establishing terms of prior approvals, authorizations and registrations delivered by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (dossier Sci Com 2011/28) Various
Advice 19-2011 The evaluation of the document: “Action limits for microbiological contaminants in food” (dossier Sci Com 2011/21)
This advice is been replaced by advice 10-2012.
Advice 18-2011 (PDF) The consumption blood: microbiological process standards and temperature requirements (dossier Sci Com 2011/11) Food
Advice 17-2011 (PDF) The presence of prednisolone in urine of pigs (dossier Sci Com 2011/29) Animal
Advice 16-2011 (PDF) The assessment of three sectorial sampling plans concerning feed (dossier Sci Com 2011/17) Animal
Advice 15-2011 (PDF) The risk-benefit evaluation of raw cow milk consumption and the effect of heat treatment on these risks and benefits (self-tasking initiative)(dossier Sci Com 2010/25) Food
Advice 14-2011 (PDF) Meat inspection without incisions for fattening pigs and cattle until the age of eight months (dossier Sci Com 2011/15) Animal
Advice 13-2011 (PDF) The risks of chemicals and biotechnology products that are in contact with the food chain (dossier Sci Com 2010/08) Food
Rapid Advice 12-2011 (PDF) The presence of thiouracil in bovine urine (dossier Sci Com 2011/26) Animal
Advice 11-2011 (PDF) The self-control guide for bakery products (dossier Sci Com 2011/19 - G-026) Food
Advice 10-2011 (PDF)
   - Annex 1 (PDF)
   - Annex 2 (PDF)
   - Annex 3 (PDF)
   - Annex 4 (PDF)
The development of a plant health (phytosanitary situation) barometer (dossier Sci Com 2009/09ter) Vegetal
Advice 09-2011 (PDF)
   - Annex 1 (PDF)
   - Annex 2 (PDF)
   - Annex 3 (PDF)
The development of an animal health barometer (dossier Sci Com 2009/09bis) Animal
Advice 08-2011 (PDF) Exposure assessment to cephalosporin resistant E. coli through consumption of broiler meat (self-tasking initiative)(dossier Sci Com 2010/15) Food
Advice 07-2011 (PDF) The reassessment of the risks related to exposure of the Belgian population to lead (dossier Sci Com 2010/28) Food
Advice 06-2011 and advice SHC N°8726 (PDF) The risks of migration from traditional metallic teapots (dossier Sci Com 2011/07) Food
Advice 05-2011 (PDF) Modification of the royal decree of 24 December 1987 in regard to defects that give ground for annulment of sale or exchange of domestic animals: addition of neosporosis to the list of defects that give ground to annulment of sale of cattle (dossier Sci Com 2011/14) Animal
Advice 04-2011 (PDF) Non-limitative list of subjects for scientific research in regard to the food chain (self tasking initiative)(dossier Sci Com 2010/03) Various
Rapid Advice 03-2011 (PDF) Project of Royal decree modifying the Royal decree of 22th of December, 2005 fixing complementary measures about the organization of the official controls concerning animal products aimed at human consumption – Revision of the BSE monitoring programme (Dossier Sci Com 2011/12)
Advice 02-2011 (PDF) Risk assessment of the presence of harmful nematodes in soil or growing medium stuck on topiary trees and tropical plants imported from third countries (Dossier Sci Com 2010/29)
Advice 01-2011 (PDF) Revaluation of the self-checking guide for the food retailing sector (Dossier Sci Com 2010/24) Food
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