Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain

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Advice 27-2017 (PDF)

The evaluation of an extension of the scope of the self-checking guide G-014 ‘potatoes-vegetables-fruit processing industry and trade’ (dossier SciCom 2017/14)

Advice 26-2017 (PDF)

Risk associated to the spreading of manure and digestate contaminated by C. botulinum (dossier SciCom 2017/04)

Advice 25-2017 (PDF)

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in food of animal origin: hazard quotation and action thresholds (dossier SciCom 2017/16)

Advice 24-2017 (PDF) The reference doses for the allergens mentioned in Annex II of Regulation (EU) N° 1169/2011 of 25 October 2011 (dossier SciCom 2017/01) Food
Advice 23-2017 (PDF) The FEBEV’s document “Specific infrastructure requirements and monitoring plan for export of ‘edible by-products’ to China” (dossier SciCom 2016/01) Food
Joint scientific advice SciCom 22-2017 and SHC n° 9428 (PDF) The draft royal decree amending the royal decree on food hygiene: medical certificate (dossier SciCom 2017/09) Food
Advice 21-2017 (PDF) The royal decree on the control of trypanosomes (dourine and surra) in equids (dossier SciCom 2017/12) Animal
Advice 20-2017 (PDF) The draft royal decree on frequencies of inspections requiring the presence of an officer of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain in meat and fish sector establishments (dossier SciCom 2017/13) Food
Advice 19-2017 (PDF) Action thresholds for mineral oil hydrocarbons in food (dossier SciCom 2016/15) Food
Advice 18-2017 (PDF)

The draft royal decrees regarding the exemption of certain categories of operators of the mandatory registration at the FASFC (Dossier SciCom 2017/08)

Advice 17-2017 (PDF)

Control program of drug residues (Dossier SciCom 2017/02)

Urgent advice 16-2017 (PDF)

The evaluation of the reliability of analytical methods for the determination of fipronil in eggs and meat (Dossier SciCom 2017/18)

Advice 15-2017 (PDF)

Action levels for chemical contaminants (flame retardants, perfluoralkyl substances, dioxins and dioxin-like PCB and benzene) in foodstuffs (Dossier SciCom 2016/31 A)

Advice 14-2017 (PDF)

Prevalence and control of carbapenem resistance in animals (Dossier SciCom 2016/08 - self-tasking initiative)

Advice 13-2017 (PDF)

The action levels for erucic acid, ochratoxin A, the ergot of rye and tropane alkaloids in certain foodstuffs,  animal products and feed (Dossier SciCom 2016/32)

Advice 12-2017 (PDF)

The proposing of a list of plants, plant products or other objects with a high phytosanitary risk in accordance with the conditions set out in Art. 42 of Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 of the European Parliament and of the Council on protective measures against pests of plants (Dossier SciCom 2016/26)

Advice 11-2017 (PDF)

Prioritizing the microbiological risks and guidelines for ensuring the microbiological food safety of raw and minimally transformed vegetable foods in Belgium (Dossier SciCom 2013/12: self-tasking initiative)

Advice 10-2017 (PDF)

The evaluation of a draft royal decree on the veterinary guidance within the framework of the control of varroosis (Dossier SciCom 2017/05)

Advice 09-2017 (PDF)

Re-examination of the microbiological stability of rice cakes after baking (Dossier SciCom 2016/29)

Advice 08-2017 (PDF)

The draft royal decree on the control of Newcastle's disease in poultry (Dossier SciCom 2016/28)

Advice 07-2017 (PDF)

Evaluation of the production schedules and hazards analysis of sorbet and (half) cooked pressed cheese. (Dossier SciCom 2016/33)

Advice 06-2017 (PDF)

The evaluation of the information regarding the prolonged dry aging of meat (Dossier SciCom 2016/30)

Advice 05-2017 (PDF)

The valuation of a draft royal decree to amend the royal decree of 17 June 2013 on animal health conditions governing intra-Community trade in, and imports from third countries of poultry and hatching eggs and on the conditions for approval of poultry holdings (Dossier SciCom 2016/20)

Advice 04-2017 (PDF)

The exposure assessment of the Belgian consumers to bovine cysticercosis (Dossier SciCom 2016/05)

Advice 03-2017 (PDF)

Royal decree on Bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) control (Dossier SciCom 2016/22)

Advice 02-2017 (PDF)

The risks related to the use of hydrogen peroxide in the rinsing water of sprouted seeds and of 4th range vegetables (Dossier SciCom 2016/18)

Advice 01-2017 (PDF) The evaluation of a draft royal decree on the control of the creeping thistle (Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop.) (Dossier SciCom 2016/18) Vegetal
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